Miracle Electric

Working in the house has come to a complete halt. Last week we had a conference in Vail and this week the electricians finally had some time for our little projects. Things actually look worse than they ever had, but I have faith that the house will be beautiful when it is finished. Probably not before I lose my mind, but at some future point...

The electrical work is probably the only project that I am not comfortable doing myself. A lot of what they are doing is putting in new outlets and some lighting, but I also asked to make sure that the old knob and tube wiring was removed, and any safety issues addressed. Although the old owners has put some work into the electricity, not much of it made sense. We had outlets in the closet, porch lights in the bedroom, and many extra switches that as far as we can tell went to nothing. The biggest problem in the house is the absence of outlets. With all the appliances and electronics in use today, a lot more outlets are required for the modern man. Since the exterior wall is brick with a layer of plaster over it, it is virtually impossible to put any outlets on those walls. We opted for a few floor outlets, since we didn't want to drag extension cords across the rooms or overload the existing outlet in each room.

It was also recommended that we just remove the old baseboards and replace them. Although that is not the most cost efficient way of doing things, now that we have secured a miter saw, it does appear more intriguing to me every day. Surely it is better than trying to strip all the wood work, which is most likely not even the original. Today I will head over to the Home Depot and try to get some costs on that project.


Anonymous said...

I think that I must be doing something wrong when I post my comments. They are not showing up on your blog. I am trying one more time then I am going to blast this computer with my shot gun!!!!!!
Sincerely, your loving mother

Anonymous said...

Oh look! My blog actually showed up! I am glad you got a good price on the electrical work. Its great when you know what every switch is used for. I can hardly wait to see the new pictures. Good Job. Mom