Let There Be Light!! And it Was Good...

In the living room, we replaced the horrible brass fan and opted for a semi-flush mount light (Yes, I kept the lights that were ivory).

In the dining room I bought small chandelier that we will swag over to the northwest corner. I decided to keep the electricity in the middle of the room, since you never know what the next people might want. This way it is more flexible.

In the kitchen, I replaced the cheap-looking track lighting with something more contemporary and new lights over the sink.

Since the bathroom fixtures are going to be bronze, I decided to match the new lights with the faucet and shower. This light is my favorite and is both a venting fan and a light.

The laundry room also got a new light, since the old one looked like a glass jar. Although this one pretty much looks like a boob.

We asked for a few floor outlets, since that exterior wall cannot be penetrated. Here is one in the office.

I don't have pictures right now, but the electricias also put two lights in the crawl space and an outlet where a radon mitigation fan can be installed. The basement sure looks differnt with light on it. I finally grabbed the shop vaccuum and cleaned out the dirt and cobwebs. Just like new!

The guys did a great job, but we will truly see when we get the bill if they are close to their estimate.


Anonymous said...

Oh look! a boob light!! I thought you would never put these in your house.

Anonymous said...

Did the estimate come back? Was it close. There is no such thing as having too many outlets. Looking good!!!