Soon, Very Soon...

The front half of the house is almost complete. A little more scraping of the trim and we will cross over into the second half of the house... A time for celebration perhaps? We shall see. Although there is less old paint to remove, there are many new problems that will take some creative thinking and assumably lots of labor.

So let me recap what had been going on in the house since the last time I posted.

The dining room had some fake brick around the stove. It was a thin veneer that didn't match the surrounding brick. I tried hard to let it go, but it HAD to go. We removed the old brick wall and found a heat vent that runs along the wall there. We decided to re-build the wall, but will have to use a heat shield to protect the new drywall, since the old wall was a little toasted from the previous owners.


After demolition

After the wall was re-built (Eventually, I wouldn't mind fixing the bend in the pipe as well.)

Remember the hallway? Well, the drywall is completed and the trim has been replaced. It looks crappy at the moment, but keep in mind that we will paint the trim white and everything should be happy again.

Plus as far as the trim goes, I cut all the cove pieces throughout the first part of the house. They are just setting in place right now, since we need to take them off while we finish the floors.



Sorry I can't resist showing off the baseboard work, since that was my project. Notice the cutout around the new brass cable plug. Oh yeah!

After a lot of convincing, Brice fixed the crack in the ceiling from the living room fan. He really didn't want to, as he thought he wouldn't be able to do it, but he did a great job with joint compound and a comb...it will be painted.

In the master bedroom, we worked on the closet. Lots of small things there. We ditched the closet organizer, since it wasn't even put in straight and fixed the walls.

Before (look at the baseboards and the plywood wall on the left)

Rebuilding the wall

Almost there...just need some paint and a new closet organizer.

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