Update on Master Bedroom...

Here are the (be)latest pictures of the master bedroom.

First a few before pictures...

A pre-mommy Molly in the closet.

The closet required the most work: no doors, cracked plaster, a wall made out of plywood, no trim, a crappy closet organizer...

Now it has new paint, curtains, doors, and furniture (The angle made it hard to put the pictures in a panoramic view, but it gives the whole picture). I know that sums up a many weeks of work without much detail, but here are the pictures before the closet was finished.

Here are the finished pictures of the closet. It is a small closet and although I hated the old closet organizer, there weren't a lot of other options. Unfortunately, it is a deep closet so there is a lot of wasted space. What made it so difficult is the attic access in the front-middle of the closet ceiling and the cellar access in the left-bottom of the closet floor. I bought a slightly more expensive version of the old closet organizer and added a place for shoes. I also went through some of my clothes that I haven't worn since college.

Lastly here is the pictures of the doors. Both doors had to be replaced, mostly because I couldn't see myself stripping paint anymore. They are hollow doors, but they turned out pretty good thanks to Brice. He handled all the door work.

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Anonymous said...


I love what you're doing with the house!

Have you considered listing it in the Home Name Registry? I think your home is perfect for it.

The website is www.homenameregistry.com