Tiling the Days Away

Looking back, I have not been surprised by the amount of things that needed to be fixed in this house. However, I am surprised by the amount of time everything seems to take. Take tiling, it has taken me almost two weeks to get those tiles put up and I still haven't started the grout. Nonetheless, today was a big day, because I finally put the last tile in place.

Here is the before with that awful almond, scissor cut, tub surround.

And here is where I am currently. What a difference some white ceramic tiles make. I will start to grout tomorrow (hopefully) and then the lines will be nearly hidden(especially all those less-than-straight ones).

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the tile looks grea! I love the little decorator tile you have going on there. There is such an improvment from your last blog. When do expect to move in?