Tidying Up

This week we are preparing for my parent's visit. They have volunteered to come up and stay (in the house!) and help us complete some projects. We have decided that we must at least finish the first half of the house before they arrive. This means getting everything ready to be primed, painted, and refinished in the largest area of the house. All new cracks had to be repaired, trim striped and prepared, and all the little projects that remain.

Here is a picture of Brice repairing the new crack that opened up in the living room. I forgot to get an after picture, but trust me, it looks much better than that.

When we first came into the house, I noticed that there were little tracks all around in the dust. What kind of bug made these?

After a lot of work, I think we are just about ready to move into the bathroom and kitchen! And that bathroom is going to be a lot of work...

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