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A few weeks ago I ran across one of those guys on the street corners that hold signs for businesses. This particular sign was actually of some interest to me, since it proclaimed that a local fabric store was going out of business. While this was disappointing news, the real problem was that I wanted to go there and spend my money, but I really needed to save all my pennies for the house. Flash to last night, when I realized that I could indeed shop at the closeout sale, while putting money into the house. I needed to make curtains for my new investment, so off I went!

The first thing that I had done in the house was pick out paint for the rooms. I never realized that it would take so long. But it made it a lot easier to pick out fabrics for the curtains. Here are the paint swatches for the house. Bare in mind that the colors are not completely true to the actual colors. For instance, the kitchen and laundry room have a lot more green in them (or at least they will).

Here are the fabric swatches...

For the small windows, I will probably just make a simple swag like the two on the top. I like the design of the one on the left. However, it will be flat like the one on the right. For the larger windows, I think some tabbed curtains like the one below reflect a nice simple style. What makes this even better, is that I already found and bought some wrought-iron looking curtain rods at Big Lots for a good price.

On a final note, I forgot to publish the pictures of the bathroom. We ripped out the old tub surround and the quarter round along the back of the counters. Since it was glued and caulked so efficiently, part of the counter top surface was removed with the quarter round. A new white counter top is pretty cheap, but I am considering just tiling it to give it a more unique look.

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sarah said...

I love your kitchen color choice! Had toyed with the idea of a green kitchen (Citron by Behr) but wasn't sure I could tie it in with Roycroftian sensibilities. Sunset.com has some great examples of lime and red kitchen decor. Go for it!