Habitat for Amanda

After numerous trips to Home Depot, I realized that their selection is so limited and there really isn't another store that offers more than they do.

I wanted to add some crown molding to the windows and doors that are missing it. The only crown molding that Home Depot carries is far too "ritzy" and expensive for my house. The stuff that is already in the house is very modest. There are a few lumber stores that I will have to try, but I can't imagine they will be more affordable then some giant chain store.

Then I stumbled onto something great. The Resource Yard and the Habitat for Humanity Home Store. The Resource Yard was a store that was started in Boulder (now also in Fort Collins) that salvages old building supplies. Since I want to replace some of the doors in the house (including the exterior doors), I was hoping that they might have some. And boy did they! They had every type of door you can imagine. Some pretty new, some needing some paint or stripping. They also had some old door hardware that is pretty expensive to replace at an antique store, cabinets that would be great in my laundry room or garage, and trim and lumber pieces. I ended up buying a cabinet door for 50 cents that I will paint and use to cover the access panel in the bathroom.

The Habitat for Humanity Home Store had similar items. There were thousands of doors and windows at the Habitat Store. Since some of my doors are odd shaped, I will probably have to dig through every one of them, but I think that I can find something. They also had incredible amounts of white tile which I will need to refinish the tub surround and every other home item you can imagine. Plus your purchase supports Habitat for Humanity, which is a great organization. From the Habitat Store I bought a ten foot piece of cove for the baseboards. It was a dollar. Buying it new would have cost about $6. Minor savings, but with a limited budget, this could mean that I could take a vacation this year!

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