Buyer's Remorse

The first few days I had some buyers remorse... What if I would be like the previous owners in a few years? What if I put my time and money into the house only to find out that I can't sell it?

Each time I would go into the house, some new problem would become visible. Now it wasn't about the ugly tile around the fireplace or the hideous brass fan in the living room It was the addition that the people finished in paneling (floor to ceiling) without drywall behind it. How would I fix that? It was the mystery switches that did nothing. The porch light switch in the bedroom. The giant crack in the plaster in the closet. The only electricity for the spare room residing in the closet. I can't live with these things.

My "to do" list got bigger and bigger. I had seen a lot of houses in my search. I knew what I wanted this house to look like. I wanted an updated old house. I wanted new fixtures, new paint, and an all around "home" feeling. The previous owners did a few things right, but mostly I would be fixing half-ass jobs of the others before me. Many promised me to help, but I knew that I couldn't rely on others. I knew that ultimately this job would lie on my shoulders.

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